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PRABIA celebrates tenth edition of its key Biannual Convention event

The Biannual PRABIA Convention, celebrates its tenth anniversary with an enriched agenda with relevant content and the participation of world-class speakers.  

Do you know about the economic impact of the agricultural biotechnology industry?

The agricultural biotechnology industry creates more than 5,000 jobs in Puerto Rico, helps the productivity of our lands and makes agriculture more profitable.

How does agricultural biotechnology impact our environment?

PRABIA member companies are constantly identifying techniques and practices that benefit the environment.

What are GMOs, really?

Learn about one of the many scientific techniques that combines agricultural biotechnology with the development of healthy crops for agriculture.

Do young people have a future in the agricultural biotechnology industry?

Agricultural biotechnology companies provide research opportunities and professional practices to students pursuing degrees in Science or Agronomy at universities across the Island.

Committed to our communities and their progress

Agricultural biotechnology companies in Puerto Rico undertake social activities in the communities where they operate and contribute to the economic growth of the southern region of the Island.

The agricultural biotechnology sector remains committed to the recovery of the Island.

After the passing of Hurricane Maria through Puerto Rico, the companies that make up the Puerto Rico Agricultural Biotechnology Industry Association (PRABIA) began working and operating at full capacity, ensuring the business continuity of the agricultural biotechnology sector. The industry remains firm in its commitment to disaster relief efforts, making donations and delivering aid to the communities most impacted by the hurricane.

The Agricultural Biotechnology Industry in Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rico Agricultural Biotechnology Industry Association, PRABIA, is the organization which groups the agricultural biotechnology companies that operate in Puerto Rico. These companies promote the economic development and create over 5,000 direct and indirect jobs.

The association fosters education, supports communities, provides support to the academic community and establishes programs aimed at future scientists and agronomists.

PRABIA celebrates its first Agricultural Biotechnology Season’s End Festival, highlighting the sector’s reach and positive impact.

The arrival of spring also means the arrival of the first ever Agricultural Biotechnology Season’s End Festival, a celebration that highlights the industry’s achievements and innovations, as represented by the Puerto Rico Agricultural Biotechnology Industry Association (PRABIA). The initiative gathered leaders from the private sector, state and municipal governments, academia and other sectors that see agricultural biotechnology in Puerto Rico as an engine that drives socioeconomic development.

Biotechnology applied in your daily life.

Val Giddings, president of Prometheus AB, presents the talk "Biotechnology applied in your daily life" in the Agricultural Biotechnology Season’s End Festival.

Students of the UPR Mayagüez complete summer internship.

PRABIA and its companies welcome agronomy students from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, to complete their summer internships. 

"Knowledge is Power”

Discover what Yailyn Rosado learned while doing her internship in one of the agricultural biotech companies that PRABIA groups.

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