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The agricultural biotechnology industry cultivates knowledge and education

March 20, 2018

  • The Puerto Rico Agricultural Biotechnology Industry Association launches an educational campaign to showcase the benefits and virtues of the industry, all in favor of the country

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – You’ve probably asked, what is agricultural biotechnology? What is the industry’s economic impact on the Island? How do farmers benefit from these practices? The local agricultural biotechnology industry launched an educational campaign that seeks to answer frequently asked questions while also highlighting the benefits and the positive impact of its activities on the Island.


The campaign, titled Sembrando de Puerto Rico para el Mundo(“Growing from Puerto Rico to the World”)and using the hashtag #PRABIAEduca, is led by the Puerto Rico Agricultural Biotechnology Industry Association (PRABIA)and is made up of a series of short videos and infographics that highlight subjects of interest related to the industry. For example, do you know about the different agricultural biotechnology techniques? What is our commitment to communities and their progress? What are genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? What is the industry’s economic impact? It’s environmental impact? It’s importance to modern agriculture? and other subjects.


“PRABIA’s objective is to provide information what is backed by trustworthy scientific data, to educate the population about our activities, and that the industry contributes to the socioeconomic development of the Island, to innovation in the sector, and that it addresses important worldwide food security issues. We are focused on getting people to learn about Puerto Rico’s role in agricultural biotechnology, which is something we should all be proud of,” said Beatriz Carrión, Executive Director do PRABIA.


Carrión also noted that the digital campaign that began on social media and on PRABIA’s official website was designed to reach several audience groups, including academia and the public. The campaign materials – infographics, one- to three-minute videos – are also used as part of a cycle of talks and workshops that PRABIA will hold throughout the year in several universities, at professional events, and in community outreach initiatives.


“The informational materials are created in a way so that important and relevant data are communicated in an easy and efficient manner, with the highest level of transparency and credibility,” said Carrión. To that end, the materials are based on scientific data and prestigious information from the world of science, as well as leading scientific organizations.


Some of the remarkable data and facts from the campaign:

  • Puerto Rico’s climate and fertile soil allows for three to four crop cycles per year.

  • Over 85% of the seeds used around the world for agriculture make their way through Puerto Rico at some point in their development.

  • Agricultural biotechnology:

    • Allows for the creation of crops that are more resistant to adverse environmental conditions

    • Minimizes the use of natural resources such as land and water

    • Increases the nutritional value of foods

    • Reduces costs related to food production

    • Reduces loss of crops to drought or pests

    • Increases productivity

    • Lengthens the shelf life of foods

  • Hundreds of scientific studies have concluded that GMOs do not represent danger of any kind to people, animals or the environment.

  • More than 18 million small farmers around the world benefit from agricultural biotechnology.


“Education is a priority for PRABIA and that is why we have developed this initiative, to empower people with quality information that enriches their knowledge and highlights Puerto Rico’s importance – our people, our talent – in this important sector,” said Carrión.


The infographics and videos that make up the campaign #PRABIAEducaare available at PRABIA’s website. To download informational documents, visit:


Parties interested in coordinating an informational workshop offered by PRABIA, be it for academic, professional or communitarian use, can do so by contacting





Founded in 1995, PRABIA is a nonprofit organization that gathers the main agricultural biotechnology companies that operate in Puerto Rico – AgReliant Genetics, Bayer, Dow AgroSciences, Syngenta, Illinois Crop Improvement, Monsanto del Caribe and DuPont Pioneer. The objective of the Association is to strengthen the agricultural biotechnology ecosystem on the Island in the face of global food production challenges. The operations of the PRABIA member companies promote economic development by creating about 3,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities, foster education, support communities, strengthen the academic community, and establish programs aimed at future scientists and agronomists.


For additional information regarding PRABIA, visit or the official PRABIA Facebook Page

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